Michal Maxian

Innovation Technology Coaching

Mountains and technology

Two facets make me who I am; one craves the adrenaline of skiing and mountain running, whilst the other yearns for creativity within a high-tech ecosystem.


Incorporate latest advancements and sector norms into your tech infrastructure.


Transform business requirements into technological responses utilizing effective methods and durable infrastructure.


Educate your group while fostering a company culture. Expedite the integration of fresh hires into the work setting more efficiently and effectively.

Kilimanjaro peak

Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the greatest accomplishments I've had. It required many strides, yet move at a gradual pace and you'll reach the top as well.

New technologies

Integrate new technologies like blockchain, microservices or AI into your framework


Transform your business needs and innovative ideas to technology and automated process fast and without hassle.

Train your team

Your operations staff must comprehend and possess insight to aid in platform development

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